S&L Remodeling is your trusted Pittsburgh Siding Installers. And siding is the right choice to get the biggest bang for your buck out of your exterior remodeling project.

We offer the best prices on home siding projects in the Pittsburgh area, offer all the siding options you know and love, use superior brand-name products, and have the expertise to get your siding installed right, on time and on budget. Where other exterior remodeling companies use tar paper or house wrap like Tyvek under your siding, S&L Remodeling installs 3/8” rigid Fan-fold Reflective Faced Insulation Board (Fan-fold) which aids in the support of the siding and actually increases the “R” value of your home. 


Norandex Vinyl SidingThe most popular choice for siding Pittsburgh homes, vinyl siding offers the beauty and protection of siding without the maintenance and upkeep. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is virtually maintenance free. It never needs to be painted or stained, holds up just as well in the hot summers and cold Pittsburgh winters. There’s no scraping, painting, rotting or moisture damage. The color and style choices are nearly infinite. There’s a reason most homeowners choose vinyl. And Norandex vinyl siding products are installed with a Limited Lifetime product warranty that includes fade protection. 

James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding: It’s the only type of siding that blends the performance of masonry with the look of siding. It’s the tank of exterior cladding. It’s waterproof, termite proof, can stand high winds and unbelievable temperatures… even fire. And James Hardy invented it. It has a 30-year non-prorated warranty and gets more popular with homeowners every year.

Everlast Advanced Composite Siding: Composite siding is modern combination of strength, minimal upkeep and beauty. Everlast combines inorganic materials, colorants and polymer resins to create an environmentally friendly house cladding that’s virtually impervious to the elements. They back it up with a Limited Lifetime 100% replacement guarantee and even transfers to new owners as a 50-year prorated warranty.  

Aluminum Siding: Old faithful, aluminum siding has been a top choice for homeowners since the 40s. Aluminum itself is excellent at resisting moisture and corrosion. It’s flame resistant and holds up to strong weather conditions. And if you like change, it can be painted to whatever color you’re into at the time. It has a 40-year lifespan and has all the standard benefits that comes along with cladding your home.

All the other types of siding… If you’ve already installed siding on your home and are just looking for siding repair near me… S&L Remodeling is here for you! We can repair any type of siding including wood, stucco, stone veneer, board and batten, pine, polymer or anything else that’s been installed on your home exterior.


If you've made it here, you probably already know siding is worth the investment.

INCREASED RESALE VALUE: Replacing or adding siding on a typical home can net a return on investment of around 80%. That means nearly every dollar spent on siding installation is returned to you in home value. 

LOW MAINTENANCE: Vinyl siding is as close to “maintenance free” as you can get. Whether you choose stucco, brick, wood siding or any other exterior product, you will pay to maintain and care for it… or you’ll pay someone else to do it for you. Vinyl siding just needs to be washed off now and then. It’s as close to “install and forget” as you can get.

DURABILITY: Even the most economical siding types are made to last. If siding is properly maintained, you only have to do it once. It’s meant to protect your home from the elements and keep it looking beautiful.  

PEST AND INSECT PROTECTION: Siding acts as a physical barrier to pests and insects. It leaves no room for anything to get through. Cracks and gaps are sealed and closed off. And most modern home cladding materials are constructed with pest-resistant materials. 

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Most siding allows for fullback insulation… and those that don’t ARE the insulation. Insulated siding helps prevent thermal transfer, which allows you heating and air conditioning to work more efficiently and keep your home temperature consistent year-round. And at S&L Remodeling, we install 3/8” rigid Fan-fold Reflective Faced Insulation Board (Fan-fold) with every siding installation, which aids in the support of the siding and increases the “R” value of your home.

NOISE POLLUTION: Yes… that’s a thing… and another benefit of siding. Using insulated siding on your home also helps to keep unwanted noise outside where it belongs. 

STYLE OPTIONS: Siding has come a long way. The style options are infinite. Traditional Dutch lap, Board & Batten, Woodgrain, Smooth, Beaded, Cedar Shake, Scalloped, Stucco, horizontal or vertical, and about every color under the sun. Whatever styles and colors you prefer are available to you.